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We hope this page does justice in describing Jen and her many amazing qualities. Scroll below to learn about Jen and to read some of her writings.




Harry Potter



While our writing style can't compare to Jen's, we hope after reading this, you will have a better understanding of how Jen lived and why it is so important for our organization to carry out our mission in her memory.

Jen's Blog

Jen was a self-proclaimed and very proud nerd. She kept a blog called Nerdy Notions, in which she discussed various topics from her love of books, music, Boston, her New Year’s Resolutions, and many others. Don’t miss the “About the Nerd” section at the top! You will truly understand her passion and humor after reading this.

Jen's Poem 

Check out Jen's poem, written at the age of 13 about her favorite place.

Jen's Articles

Jen followed her dreams and wrote several articles for newspapers including the Nashua Telegraph, at Boston University, as well as her internship in London.

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