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My Favorite Place
By Jennifer Janiak
December 21, 2006 (age 13)

In my favorite place, there could be people on quests.
Romance and mystery make some the best.
In the mall,
Or during Fall,
Villains or crooks,
My favorite place is with my head in a book.

Books take me away to far away lands.
I can picture it clearly, lying in the sand;
With laughing friends, all are happy and gay,
Wasting away a gorgeous summer day.

Sometimes I go to schools, private or not
And can picture the students, the campus, a busy parking lot.
Jocks throwing balls, oblivious to the scene,
That the girls they like are really quite mean.

Sometimes I can picture myself using magic, potions, and spells;
What will happen next I can never tell.
You never can guess what will happen in books,
A mystery solved, new twists took.

Books take me away
From my troubles that day.
Under the covers at night,
With a dim flash light.
Sometimes on a plane or in a car;
I also like to read under the stars.

Be careful what you read after dark.
Some you’ll read then scream at the slightest bark!
A few books you’ll read will make your eyes tear.
Others will bring you happiness and cheer.
Some books you learn from, but not just the facts
Morals and principles that started way back.

So thank you dear authors, for all you have done.
Without your writing the world would have missed out on a ton.
Your books don’t just help me; they help others I’m sure.
Like others, for my stress your books are a cure.

I can only hope, I’ll become as good as you,
And write many books as well as you do.

My favorite place is a far away place.
In far away lands, on various dates.
If I’m really into it, I’ll get hooked,
In my favorite place, with my head in a book.

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